What is Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood is primarily a combination of 2 or more woods, pasted one on top of the other to form a single plank.

Engineered wood flooring also known as Multi layered hardwood flooring consists on 3 layers.

Top layer being a 3 mm hardwood with middle and bottom layers being soft woods generally Spruce or Pine, placed in a cross section format ( each layer placed at 90 degrees to the layer above ) in order to nullify the affect of expansion or contraction, thus keeping the plank stable.

Engineered Wood Flooring comes with a Tongue & Groove system for easy locking for dry installation on top of any even sub floor.

For wood lovers with responsibility towards environment, Engineered Wood Flooring is appreciated over Solid Wood Floors as it comprises only 3 mm to 3.5 mm solid wood layer in a 14 mm / 15 mm thick plank and can be sanded and re-polished at least 2 times.

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