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Fundermax HPL : A Sustainable Exterior Cladding Option

First impression is the last impression.

….. Well this phrase stands correct when it comes to the exterior elevation or facade of a residence.

Home owners ( especially who own bungalows or farm houses ) spend a great deal of money on wooden ( and non wooden ) materials as exterior cladding options to bring out the most astonishing elevations.

The fact is , they spend even more on the maintenance of these products in order to make the elevation always look like new.

Modern architects and designers have always been on the lookout for great products for exterior cladding that look 100% natural without the maintenance issues of natural materials.

Fundermax,  from Austria is one such product which has filled this gap, as a sustainable alternate to natural exterior wall cladding products; be it wood, metal or stone.

Fundermax is the leading global brand that manufactures exterior grade HPL ( High Pressure Laminate ) for cladding purpose.

Fundermax exterior grade HPL Panels are available in wide range of wooden and non-wooden decors to choose from.

Fundermax panels have been used extensively as an alternate to wood cladding over the past 12 years in India where maintenance is a challenge and an Always New Look is the objective.

Fundermax HPL in India is generally available in a sheet size of 2800mm x 1300mm x 6mm and is fixed on an aluminium sub-structure which is also supplied by Fundermax.

This fixing mechanism is called Rear Ventilation Facade System and is the most widely used system in Europe and America.

Red Floor India- The authorized distributor and supplier for Fundermax has wide range of Fundermax exterior cladding. To get a free domo installation at your door step call us at 011-41658558 or simply fill the inquiry form online.